Everstrong Capital creates long term value for investors in projects that have predictable long term investment profiles. Our focus in Sub-Saharan Africa is on energy/power, communications, and transportation.


We have extensive experience in the development and finance of infrastructure companies for electric power generation, energy transportation and storage, water, communications, transportation and real estate. Throughout their careers, our team members have worked on hundreds of projects and organized billions of dollars for specific projects and infrastructure funds.

Relationship Driven

Our projects involve partnerships that meet the needs and objectives of the various stakeholders: communities benefit from services provided by companies with reliable and efficient infrastructure; jobs are created for the construction, operation and maintenance of these facilities; and with increased efficiency and new technologies these services are more socially and environmentally responsible. We partner with companies that lead in the design, construction, operation, and finance of the projects to create reliable, sustainable, and resilient infrastructure.

Value Creation

We recognize that organizing the commercial, technical, legal, and regulatory aspects of projects is complicated. The process involves master planning, engineering, procuring, construction, and – the riskiest stage – completing all commercial, regulatory and financial agreements needed for project finance. We manage this process to minimize shareholders’ exposure, while preserving their opportunity to invest.